Aimed at professionals who want to increase their wellbeing, build healthy habits, achieving their objectives in the most efficient way possible.

Schedule a FREE evaluation session with a Fitness and Nutrition Expert, so you can improve your physical and nutritional condition

Best of all: This session is for you, even if you have never exercised, if you think your diet is unbalanced or want to improve your lifestyle, but don't know where to start.

Learn About The Benefits Of Scheduling A Session With Our Expert

 You will have a free evaluation to find out your current physical, nutritional, and lifestyle status.

 You will quickly discover which step you need to take to get on track to achieve your goals.

 Get clarity on what to do and what not to do by uncovering the myths and truths that social media tells you about losing weight.


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Hear From Our Customers


Stefan’s function first approach to work outs and diet really separates him from the rest. By understanding your goals and lifestyle he fine tunes your workout into a maintainable routine that achieves results in a quick and healthy manner.


Grizzly Functional Training has really helped me tremendously. Stefan really understood my personal goals and tailored my program to better my mobility, reflexes, explosive strengths and endurance. 


Stefan's positive and easy going nature creates an encouraging environment that gets you excited to workout and makes you want to learn as much as possible about developing healthy diet habits. 

The Benefits Of Training And Nutrition

Weight loss programs including both diet and exercise components had significantly greater weight loss results than interventions based on changes to either diet or exercise alone.



Behavior has a tremendous influence on our health. Even the most comprehensive lifestyle plan, including detailed diet and exercise instructions, can still fail unless it includes a sound behavior modification component.


Who Is Inviting You For This Evaluation?

Hi, my name is Stefan Bradley, I am a certified personal trainer specializing in functional training, strength and conditioning, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I help busy professionals improve their life with fitness and nutritional coaching and accountability. Along with a tailored fitness plan, I give people with no time all the tools they need to build good healthy habits.

With weekly coaching sessions, I help them understand the importance of eating healthy and how we fuel our bodies. And I'm there with them every step of the way.

The Grizzly Method

 Functional Training

With a custom training program to suit your goals and a weekly coaching call, we’ll help you achieve your fitness goals around your schedule, so you can see that you really can train when and where you want.


✔ Nutrition

Rather than simply giving you a meal plan, I’ll teach you how to eat for the body you want.

With accountability coaching calls, we break down what you eat each week and make small changes. I’ll teach you why we make these changes, so you can learn how to eat healthy most of the time, and also, so you can enjoy your treats as well.

✔ Rest And Recovery

Along with exercise and a healthy diet. Rest is important for achieving your fitness goals. We’ll work together to improve how your body recovers with tools like stretching, warm-ups, cool downs and meditation.

✔  Habit Building

All of this knowledge won’t help for long if you haven’t established the habits you need to build a successful and healthy routine.

And I can assure you the benefits of building healthy habits, will spill over into your relationships, career and mental well-being.

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